What if it isn’t pretty?

I am blogging about my 40-day abundance journey using the Prosperity Principles in “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price.

Day 15

Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this truth is unlimited, therefore my supply is unlimited. 

There may be circumstances that make people, places or conditions seem like the source of abundance, but they, as independent entities, are not my supply. I feel abundant in the times when I am vibing with people, in beautiful nature or experiencing something wonderful, I am more likely to open my heart and be harmonious with Spirit. That allows abundance to flow freely and everything to become elevated. The challenge is to open myself to Spirit when I am in chilly gray New York City, working from home when everyone else is at an office, unmotivated to leave my apartment but also unmotivated to read my cards or meditate or move. I am blocking the flow, blocking the ease with my feelings of unease. I don’t doubt that the supply is unlimited, but I am having difficulty letting it guide me when my circumstances aren’t uplifting. That’s the work, yes?


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